What is Craft Beer Consulting

Craft Beer Consulting a firm that tailors its services to each client.  Every brewery and business is different and will need a different approach to make them successful.

Services offered include (but aren’t limited to):

  • Feasibility study/Market Research
  • Startup business plan assistance
    • From mission and vision to creating opening day accounting spreadsheets
  • Researching distributors and planning for distribution
  • Staff training
  • Business management solutions

CBC starts at the beginning.  The first question is always, “Why do you want to start this business?” That is important because new business owners need to be able to articulate why they are creating their business, A) to help focus their efforts and B) to attract investors.  The “why” shapes the mission and vision which then become the building blocks used to form the plan and starting budget.  CBC also provides training in the basics of working in the craft beer industry to help increase the skills of those who do and want to work in the craft beer industry.  To help clients achieve their objective, much of what I use are the best practices developed by the Small Business Administration SCORE program, The Brewers Association, and the Cicerone program.