Who Is Craft Beer Consulting?

Craft Beer Consulting, LLC is a business consulting firm specializing in the craft beer business.  Craft Beer Consulting, LLC seeks to provide individuals and businesses with the skills and knowledge to succeed in the craft beer industry.

Craft Beer Consulting is lead by Ryan Moses. Ryan brings 15 years of experience working with nonprofits as a fundraiser specializing in developing and funding new programs.  Like many in the craft beer industry, Ryan had an aha moment with craft beer and became a beer nerd.  Ryan decided to move out from the business side of the bar to help breweries, craft beer businesses and their staffs to find success in an increasingly competitive industry.

Ryan Moses

Ryan Moses
Ryan Moses, Owner of Craft Beer Consulting, LLC

I am a person who loves craft beer and values the craft beer industry.  I want craft beer to experience healthy growth and see as many breweries as possible succeed.  My vision is that everyone in the country, who desires to enjoy craft beer, be able to take a short walk or drive to a brewery where they can get fresh beer from an independently owned brewery.  I also want to see a diverse group of people on the business side of the industry because I believe this is the key to the industry’s ability to grow.